Bury Bury Pink Gril

by Squiggle Glitz

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Made for the upcoming Esfores compilation, New Meme Alert. The mix is a bit different than the version on there though.


Sometimes I can't find the right words
And that's when I know it hurts
That I can't find what I should
Very Nice is what you would

Say if I asked what to do
And I know that's you'd come through
Pink tones light more than your skin
What should I say?

Bury bury pink grill
Come to say hello
Maybe someday I can
Finally let you know
Bury bury pink grill
Let me in your life
Show me how to live so
Very very nice
Bury bury pink grill
More than just a friend
Even if it's bad board
Love can never end
Bury bury pink grill
Come into my dreams
Stay with me forever
Fantasy supreme

Maybe if I call you nice
I can finally have my
Desires with grill I do love
Like an angel from above

Say if I asked what to do
Will I know that you'd come through
Pink grill, if you say yes
What should I say?


released May 4, 2015




Squiggle Glitz Natick, Massachusetts

Who is Squiggle Glitz? A very lazy musician, that's who.


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